How may we be a blessing to you?

In addition to our global mission, we desire to be a blessing to the churches in the United States.  A strong and revived church in America will result in a strong evangelistic vision for the world.  Listed below are several ways that we would like to be a blessing to you.   

Preaching for Revival and Evangelism

Missionary Evangelist Mike Redick
, Executive Director of Nosnuma Group International, travels annually to the States, and is available to proclaim God's Word and stories of the Lord's mighty power across the world in bringing countless souls to Christ.   Mike has preached at Bob Jones University, Northland International University, the Leadership Conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, and scores of churches, schools and conferences across the nation.

Evangelist Colin Richards
, director of operations for Nosnuma, lives in Evergreen, Colorado and is available throughout the year to preach and teach God's Word.   Colin has had the opportunity to witness God's reviving presence in local churches both overseas and in the United States.

Sacred Music

Colin and Kaye Dee Richards
received master's degrees in performance and music education from Bob Jones University.   Colin has served as a music pastor in several fundamental churches, and Kaye Dee has had the privilege of publishing music, teaching, performing, and judging music competitions in piano across the United States.   Their heart is to serve the Lord through music by drawing men to Christ and powerfully communicating His Word in the form of music.   They are available to present sacred concerts with personal testimony in local churches.

Karlan Tucker, President and CEO of Tucker Advisory Group in Littleton, Colorado, serves the Lord faithfully as a deacon at Highlands Baptist Church.  His heart is to use his God-given musical abilities to serve the Lord and proclaim Christ.   He and Colin minister with vocal duets during sacred concerts.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training

Karlan Tucker is a gifted soulwinner and is available to form a team together with Jeff Musgrave to assist your congregation in applying the principles of personal evangelism in real-life evangelistic scenarios.   Karlan's passion for Christ will rub off on the people you allow him to influence.

Colin Richards has developed a personal evangelism method that moves beyond the initial presentation of the Gospel to explain how to maintain relationships with the lost in everyday life.  Called "Bridge Builders," the unique course helps fundamental believers learn how to maintain connections with friends, neighbors, and loved-ones who need Christ.  The core of the program is learning how to invite unbelievers to discover who Christ is in the context of an in-home Bible study.

Couples, Men's and Women's Conferences

Lisa Redick brings the perspective of both a pastor's wife and an evangelist's wife.   She teaches, counsels, and encourages women in the truths of the Spirit-filled life, and has been greatly used of the Lord to help women worldwide.   Standing on the front lines of missions, she also has a heart to see women use the gifts God has given them to make an impact on the world.

and Kaye Dee Richards have personally discipled small groups of men and women over their years of local church ministry.  Utilizing a unique approach to mentoring and accountability over a period of about a year, those who have completed their discipleship have gone on to head up ministries of their own, surrender to full-time service, serve as deacons, and take other leadership roles within the local church.  Both have spoken regularly to men's and women's groups, and have counseled men and women individually.   They are available as conference or retreat speakers, in addition to men's and women's prayer breakfasts.

Karlan Tucker recently had the privilege of speaking at Bob Jones University's first Forum on Biblical Business Ethics. Over his past 27 years of business experience, he has followed biblical principles in establishing and managing his business. He is excited to share the enormous impact a consistent Christian testimony and consistent God-honoring business practices can have on a company's success.  Earning millions, winning awards and becoming well known would be a tragedy if these accomplishments compete with being an effective servant for our Lord! Karlan Tucker is available to discuss topics such as using your talents, time, position of influence and money—all for God; teaching your Christian employees to be effective for the Lord; and being a living example for one’s spouse and children so they can witness firsthand God living through you.

Biblical Stewardship ministries

Colin Richards and Karlan Tucker
have together been responsible for financial counseling, capital campaigns, construction projects, and budgets in ministry totaling millions of dollars.  Working together, they can help your church corporately and individually to see the importance of managing finances by Biblical principles while still employing the critical element of faith.   Having both headed major construction projects, they are also available to advise church leadership in the area of infrastructure and wise stewardship planning.

Additional Ministries for You and Your Church

"Parenting for the glory of God"
- a seminar that will revolutionize your approach to parenting!

Choir and instrumental clinics and festivals

Businessmen's events

Consultation on church education programs

Consultation on church policies and procedures