Our Purpose

The purpose of Nosnuma is to unite with people of like faith in order to reach the world’s most unreached.
Today ninety-seven percent of the world’s most unreached live in Asia. Of the over three hundred thousand missionaries in the world, only a little over one percent of these are trying to reach these three billion people who have never heard the name of Christ. In Asia there is only one Christian worker for every five and a half million people. As a result eighty thousand people die every day without ever hearing the Gospel! It is the vision of NosNuma International to partner with people of like faith to help reach these unreached of Asia.

Why Does Nosnuma Unite with People to Reach the Unreached of Asia?

Until the mid-twentieth century, Western missionaries, like Hudson Taylor and William Carey, could freely travel, live, and share the gospel in foreign nations. All that drastically changed after the Second World War, when many countries gained their independence.

Today, most of the nations in Asia are restricted or completely closed to foreign missionaries. If the doors are shut, how will these unreached multitudes hear the Gospel? Native and Asian Christians, whom God has raised up from this early missionary movement, can win their own nations to Christ.

Native and Asian missionaries are highly effective because they work in their own culture or a similar culture. They already know or can easily learn the language, customs, and culture of the people to whom they minister. They do not need visas and live economically at the same level as their neighbors.

However, the young, economically weak Asian Church and its missionaries can’t do it alone. The enormous task of evangelising nearly three billion people takes the help of like-minded believers worldwide. This is why NosNuma exists. It is our goal to reach the unreached of Asia through sending and training Asians to reach Asians.

Nosnuma offers those who cannot go themselves the opportunity to become senders and prayer partners of native and Asian Christians—together fulfilling the Great Commission.

With Whom is Nosnuma Uniting to Reach the Unreached of Asia?

Nosnuma is uniting with believers of like faith from around the world. We are partnering with native and Asian believers who are trained evangelists, church planters and disciple-makers. These servants work full-time to take the Gospel to the unreached through inter-cultural, near-cultural and cross-cultural evangelism. In the eyes of the people, native or Asian missionaries do not represent a foreign country or strange religion. They are able to live with the people on their same economic level and they already know or are able to learn the language and culture quickly.

In addition to partnering with Asians to reach Asians, Nosnuma is uniting with like-minded believers from around the world who are burdened to reach the world’s most unreached. This partnership includes supporting, sending and training national and Asian missionaries to reach the unreached of Asia. By sponsoring an Asian missionary, people can have a very real part in reaching those who have never heard the Gospel.