How Are We Attempting to Reach The World?

Evangelistic English Ministry

Nosnuma has been given a unique door into the Islamic world through teaching English on University campuses.  Committed missionaries have the opportunity to use this critical method to turn Restricated Access Nations into open doors for ministry!     Our missionaries are all supported entirely by faith and God is miraculously providing through people just like you.

Asian Missionaries and Church Planters

Believing it is the Lord’s desire to establish independent, Bible believing church’s Nosnuma has sent forth nearly 100 missionaries, church planters, and evangelists in several different Asian countries. Today over thirty churches have been established in Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Timothy House Orphanages and Compassion Ministries

With twenty to twenty-five percent of the population in South East Asia’s major cities suffering in abject poverty, millions of children are running loose and dying in the streets as orphans. In the last few years, Nosnuma has helped to establish several orphanages and has seen many children educated, saved and serving the Lord. It is the desire of Nosnuma to see these children trained and sent out as missionaries to their own people and to other parts of Asia.

Nosnuma has also shown compassion by uniting with local believers in providing disaster relief, such as our involvement in the recent cyclone that struck Myanmar in 2008. The relief included food, clothing, the rebuilding of homes, churches and the sharing of the Gospel with those whose greatest need is the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Student Movement For Christ International (SMCI) Campus Evangelism 2009

Considering that eighty-five percent of those who believe on Jesus Christ as Saviour are below the age of eighteen years, and with millions of young people trying to escape poverty through education, the campuses of Asia are a great harvest field. In the last few years we have partnered in sending out twenty-five evangelists and disciple-makers to the campuses of Asia. Every year, tens-of-thousands of young people hear the gospel message and in the last few years Bible studies and discipleship groups have been started on fifty different campuses.

We rejoice and praise our great and wonderful LORD to know that almost 45,000 persons heard clearly the Gospel of Jesus Christ this past summer on 5 different islands and many, many University and High School Campuses! We are humbled by God's power and blessing! Even more, we praise Him for the clear drawing of 29,838 of them to make salvation decisions!  And yet even more, we praise Him for the ongoing discipleship of 100's of students meeting on the 5 islands for follow-up! What a glorious LORD we have!

Biblical Faith Baptist Missions, Myanmar

God is moving in places we might believe are inaccessible!   Through partnerships with over 30 pastors and evangelists around Myanmar, we continue to see the Gospel spread.   Recently, Mike had the opportunity to view a special move of the Lord in the Chin Hills, where believers had been meeting continuously under threat of persecution for over a year!

Nosnuma Publications

NosNuma believes in the power of the printed word and has published and distributed thousands of books and booklets on salvation and various apsects of the Christian life free of charge to poor pastors and workers throughout Asia. These materials help them in understanding God’s Word and aid in their spiritual growth.

Pictured is the Burmese edition of Mike Redick's book, Move On To Maturity.   Through the Lord's provision, this book is being distributed throughout Asia at no charge to new believers and those needing discipleship.

The Beautiful Spirit Magazine

The Beautiful Spirit Magazine is dedicated to encouraging women to apply the truths of the Spirit-filled life.  We are thrilled to blend the unique message of The Beautiful Spirit with the worldwide evangelistic mission of Nosnuma.  Every quarter this magazine goes across the United States and in parts of Southeast Asia.   Challenging articles by godly women bring depth and insight into the life of faith every believer must live!

Training and Conference Ministry

Throughout the years, Nosnuma has trained thousands of pastors and full-time workers in over a dozen nations in the important disciplines of personal evangelism and discipleship. These conferences have resulted in seeing thousands of people saved and many churches strengthened. In addition, Nosnuma conducts “Spiritual Awakening” conferences. These conferences teach people the absolute necessity of the Spirit-Filled life for effective service and victorious living. Many have found new power in service and consistent victory over sin and self in these important conferences.